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Baliprod is a full service production agency located in Bali, Indonesia

In 2016, we (Omri Ben-Canaan, Romain Cailliez and Josh Patil) met in Bali and started BALIPROD providing video and photo production services to clients around the globe.

Since then we also launched Bali Model Agency, Balishoot, Bali Film Gear Rental and Studiodrop coming soon.

In the last few years we have had the chance to work with some pretty incredible clients and crew.

Now with 50+ full-time staff that we are happy to call family, we have created such a cool company that we love to run with our good friends.

This is what we do! See a little behind the scenes of a day in the life on set and in our office.

It All Started With These Guys...





(bio) The core of Josh’s background comes from working for more than a decade in Television production in Los Angeles, California. He has worked with numerous big budget and high-end shows, networks and production houses including Fremantle, MTV, America’s Got Talent, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Voice, American Idol, The Academy Awards, Dancing With The Stars and more.
In 2015, Josh made the move to Bali, Indonesia to start Baliprod where he has focussed on the Advertising and Fashion industries in both Motion and Stills production. With a positive energy and can-do attitude; nothing is a problem which has kept Josh’s clients returning job after job to shoot with Baliprod, throughout Southeast Asia.

Executive Producer


Romain Cailliez
(bio)Romain started his career in Bali as a camera operator for surfing events before becoming one of BALIPROD’s co-founders in 2016.
He is now a cinematographer who specialises in fashion and documentaries. He has worked with brands such as DJI, Dior, L’Oréal, NBA, Michael Kors, Canal + and more.
From independent to larger production he has developed and adapted skills to better understand and answer his clients’ expectations.
Romain has a good knowledge of the production world since he has worked as a Line Producer, Editor, Drone Operator, DIT, Focus Puller, Ronin Operator, Director of Photography and now as a Film Director.
From his various professional projects in China, Taiwan, France and Indonesia, he has acquired the capacity to collaborate with different cultures. Romain is always thriving for new challenges and enriching experiences.

Film Director


...And The Family Expanded.


Kate Wynborne
(bio) In Kate’s 16years experience producing Commercials, Stills and Fashion productions worldwide across 17 countries, she has specialised in large-budget campaigns. Kate’s resume includes spots for Apple, Nike, Hilton, Samsung, Jaguar and Facebook combined with a wide range of talents for example Donnatella Versace to Kate Moss, LeBron to Messi, Sir Ian McKellen to Mark Strong. The strong focus and work ethic Kate brings to each production; from the bid process to the finishing stages, has allowed her to maintain long lasting relationships with her numerous repeating clients.
Likes Sneezing, drum solos, trampolines, chocolate lava cake
Dislikes I have Misophonia so sound of people eating makes me crazy!
Favourite Food Haribo
Favourite Drink Old Fashioned
Best movies ever Good Fellas, Shawshank Redemption
Weird fact about me I hiccup one time, once ever day
Spirit animal Fruit Bat

Executive Producer


Charles Denis

EP - Europe Agent


Minet Williams
(bio) Minet started her film career in Cape Town as an editor, she moved to work in London in 2005 began her strong career in production working on British documentaries, music videos and reality shows. Returning to Cape Town in 2007, she segued into International Service Production at Orange Films, and since then she has worked with companies such as Farm Film, Egg Films (both as Service and Director’s producer) and Giant Films. Minet has worked in many genres including Feature Films, Commercials, Documentaries, Reality, Live TV Shows and music videos, and shot in 20 countries to date. Minet has worked on commercials for Production Companies such as Wanda, Knucklehead, Academy, Markenfilm, Stink, Hungry Man, and La\Pac to name a few. She loves a challenge and making production work wether she is shooting in a big City or the jungles of Asia!.
Likes Surfing, making and watching documentaries and lots and lots of BBQ’s. World peace and long walks on the beach
Dislikes Celery, waiting, celery and celery
Favourite Food Steak and Salad - simple things in life
Favourite Drink A good craft Gin and Tonic
Best movies ever Antonia’s Line, Black Cat, White Cat and Breaking the Waves
Weird fact about me everything about me is weird I think my mom would say. But I went to school a year too early because I wanted to and I rode my horse to school some days
Spirit animal Flamingo



Mathilde Dorschner
Likes watching films, surfing, traveling, meeting amazing people on this planet
Dislikes bad movies, bad waves, bad trips and being alone
Favourite Food burrata and tomatoes (everyday, not joking)
Favourite Drink red wine, but won’t ever say no to an old fashioned
Best movies ever The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Gondry), The Square (Östlund), Deathproof (Tarantino), Night on Earth (Jarmusch), 2 Days in Paris (Delpy) and all the french New Wave movies with a lot of dialogs (Rohmer, Varda, Truffaut, Resnais, Godard…)
Weird fact about me I can’t burp, so it just blow up in my throat by making a weird noise. Same noise when I’m drinking water: very appreciate on meeting with clients
Spirit animal pig (that is why I don’t eat them)



Reza Fauzi
Likes South Korea, Kpop enthusiast, Cats, Drink water
Dislikes Snake is my biggest fear and I don’t like to ride a boat because i’m afraid of the ocean!
Favourite Food Indonesian Oxtail soup always comfort me!
Favourite Drink Hot Tea and Beers for the night
Best movies ever The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover, Wonder Wheel, Phantom Thread
Weird fact about me Weird fashion and i always get claustrophobic when i get drunk!
Spirit animal Pony Tail



Marion Max



Charlie Balch



Magda Sastra
Likes Dogs, swimming in the ocean, warm bed and Scarlett Johansson
Dislikes Awkward elevator situation
Favourite Food Tom yum with coconut milk
Favourite Drink Coconut water
Best movies ever The Shawshank Redemption, The Secret, Coco
Weird fact about me I believe in zodiac signs and compatibility. The first thing I ask people when I meet them is when their birthday is
Spirit animal Dog. Actually Bali street dog

Line Producer


Likes Cinema Camera, Best Running Shoes, BMW 1200 GS, Travel around the world, Climb Mount Everest, Rolex watches
Dislikes I Cant afford any of those above
Favourite Food Sushi
Favourite Drink Coffee
Best movies ever Warriors of the Rainbow : Seediq Bale
Weird fact about me I remember faces but forget the name
Spirit animal Jaguar

1st AC / Gear Manager


Likes Walk in the aisle inside the aircraft….. Loves PINK Colour, obsess with Hello Kitty, addicted to PERFUMES….
Dislikes DRAMA & Stupidity , I HATE FROG , less tolerate with lazy people & have an allergic to bullshit
Favourite Food Everything goes with chicken or cheese, and yes im a CHOCOHOLIC
Favourite Drink Gin, Moscato, Gin, Moscato, Gin & Moscato
Best movies ever Any movies with Keanu Reeves as a main actor
Weird fact about me I AM WEIRD and Superhappy about it
Spirit animal I wish I was UNICORN…… so i can poop RAINBOW

Executive Assistant

alex szuren

Alex Szuren

Baliprod Stories


Likes Motorbike,Vespa
Dislikes Traffic jam
Favourite Food Babi Guling, Guling Babi, Babi Guling
Favourite Drink Water,Tea, Coconut
Best movies ever Brave Heart
Weird fact about me My name is Weirdi
Spirit animal DOG

Production Manager / Fixer



Production Manager / Fixer


Likes Movie marathons, Cuddling, Badminton, Beach, Sunset
Dislikes Spicy, Sweet Food
Favourite Food Fried Chicken, Korean BBQ, Eggs
Favourite Drink Coca Cola, Ocha, Watermelon juice
Best movies ever COCO, Parasite, Black Panther, Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday's You
Weird fact about me Like something cold but don't like being cold
Spirit animal Turtle

Location Manager



Web Designer



Graphic Designer



Art Works



Post Production Manager






Video Editor












Equipment Assistant


(bio) After having graduated from communication school, Anais worked as a casting director assistant in Paris. There, she developed her ability to spot and reveal the right candidates for each job, her sense of communication and deep empathy towards people. Working in collaboration with famous creative agencies also gave her strong knowledge of how to deal and communicate with clients. After a few years she moved to Bali, started a family, and a new adventure at Bali Model Agency. She loves interacting with people everyday whether it’s helping client realizing their dream shoot, or accompanying models developing their career.
Likes Spending time with my Family, Massages, Running on the beach, Shopping, Spending time with all our friends (and some drinks) Reading
Dislikes Going to immigration for finger prints, Europe during Winter
Favourite Food ALL THE VEGGIES AND FRUITS (except papaya, it tastes like vomit)
Favourite Drink Hot chai tea with organic almond milk and little bit of unrefined coconut sugar (And Rosé Wine)
Best movies ever The Godfather 1,2,3,4,5….
Weird fact about me I’ve never had the same handwriting, I can’t write a single sentence with a steady handwriting
Spirit animal Lioness (Leo is my astro signs and they live in groups with all their friends, in warm countries)

Bali Model Agency


Likes books, libraries, breezy afternoons, Johnny Depp
Dislikes being sleepy
Favourite Food Chocolate, cheese, potato
Favourite Drink coffee, soda
Best movies ever E. T., A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), The Exorcist (1973), Poltergeist (1982)
Weird fact about me that I don’t think I’m weird, despite what other people tell me
Spirit animal Cat

Bali Model Agency


Likes Cooking, spiritual enlightenment, balance in life. Being by myself but also socializing
Dislikes Animal Cruelty. People with no integrity, greed and dishonesty
Favourite Food Plant based
Favourite Drink Red wine, Red wine and red wine
Best movies ever Dirty Dancing, Species & Behind Enemy Lines
Weird fact about me Weird obsession with vampires - if they existed...I would have loved to be one
Spirit animal Honey Badger

Bali Model Agency



Network Admin


Likes K-pop, the sea, amusement park
Dislikes bean sprouts
Favourite Food miedal, tinutuan (manado food)
Favourite Drink mineral water
Best movies ever train to busan, the nun
Weird fact about me i can't sleep when the lights are turned on, but I can't sleep if there is no light
Spirit animal turtle

Bali Model Agency



Head Accountant


Likes Stand up comedy, traveling, green mountains, pretty lakes, sound of rain or water, sunflower, truffles, cute animals like dogs, penguin, birds, ducks
Dislikes always scared of thunder, don’t like olives in my green salads
Favourite Food all of my mum’s cooking, seafood, Spanish Paella
Favourite Drink Moscato, G&T, strawberry daiquiri
Best movies ever The Lord of The Rings, James Bond only with Daniel Craig inn it, haha!, The Help, Le Miserable, Mamma Mia, 21 Jump Street and the rest of it
Weird fact about me I sleep rubbing anything soft like silk cloth..I have my favorite silk PJ that I rub my hand onto to get me to sleep, always have it with me anywhere I go..my parents confirmed I had that habit since I was bout 2 y.o
Spirit animal Swan







Production Assistant



Production Assistant


Likes soccer,beach, clubbing,hip hop,Dangdut koplo
Dislikes middle East food, tracking
Favourite Food ayam betutu,seafood,bakso
Favourite Drink pearl milk tea (chatime)
Best movies ever Blue Streak
Weird fact about me Actually I'm a shy person, but I always want to Dancing if I hear very loud music even though many people in around me.hehee
Spirit animal Pitbull

Production Assistant



Awsome Gardener



Office Assistant


Ketut Wi





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