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Bali Stock Footage for Sale

Are you looking for Bali Stock Shots?

At Baliprod we have hours and hours of Bali video footage for sale to use in your next project.
Below are some examples, though we have many more for you to choose from!
We are on Shutterstock but feel free to contact us with your specific video needs. If we haven't shot it already, we can capture it for you quickly.

Rice Fields Stock Footage

Bali has thousands of stunning rice fields.
We have shot hundreds of them and are shooting new ones on a daily basis.
Here is a sample of some rice field stock footage in our library.

Beach Stock Footage

Whether white sand or black sand, Bali has some of the most amazing beaches in Indonesia.
Some with dramatic landscapes, and others with cliffs looking at breathtaking sunsets.
Please watch our Beach stock shots in the player on the left.

Waterfalls Stock Footage

Bali is filled with endless options of beautiful waterfalls.
Each waterfall has its own unique landscape and a perfect backdrop for your project.

Bali Sunset Stock Footage

Bali is well known for its spectacular sunsets.
From the top of a volcano, the west coast beaches or some endless rice fields, the sun will magically sets on the horizon with hues of pink, orange, and yellow.

Bali Temple Stock Footage

The temples of Bali fill the wonderful island with culture and architectural beauty.
From large, well-known temples like Tanah Lot or Tirta Gangga Water Palace to smaller village temples, they come in every size and are superbly decorated with religious ornaments and statues.
Some have monkeys dwelling inside, some sit in the middle of the jungle.
Every kind of temple exists in Bali!
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