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Cinematography and Photography are both one of the most important things in Christiaan's life.
He wakes up with it and goes to bed with it 24/7. Its a growing feeling since he’s a kid.
The older he gets the more he understands that his craft isn’t something you leave on set. It's always everywhere.
The moment he wakes up, he gets inspired by the visuals that come to him

Christiaan's work is rather diverse. He doesn’t want to focus on one thing. He believes that working in the different fields of Photography and Cinematography like documentaries, feature, advertisements, media art, etc... pushes him to change his way of looking towards his craft.
He wants to be taken out of his comfort zone to keep on trying to see world in a different way.
In a way so the story he’s working on becomes a strong visual narrative.

Finished the National Film School in 2018 and working as a freelancer since, already brought him some awards and nominations at several film festivals like Camerimage and IMAGO



Winner Special Mention Award 2019 at Camerimage short documentary films competition for ZELF (short) / Carolien van Maaswaal / NFA, 2018
Winner Cam-a-Lot Camera Prize 2019 at VERS Awards for IK,MOORDENAAR (short) / Kim Kokosky Deforchaux / Fresh for 88, 2019
Nominee Cam-a-Lot Camera Prize 2019 at VERS Awards for MASKERADE (short) / Kevin Tromp / HKU, 2019
Nominee The Mr Zee Award 2020 at Shortcutz Amsterdam for MASKERADE (short) / Kevin Tromp / HKU, 2019
Nominee Emerging Young Cinematographer Award 2020 at IMAGO International Award for Best Cinematography for WHERE THE BIRDS GO (short) / Arjen Schotel / VLA Films, 2018

2007-2011 Intermediate Vocational Education Audiovisual Technology – Media College (MA)
2014 -2018 BA Cinematography – Nederlandse Filmacademie (NFA)

KRAANMAN (short) / Ruben Nijsen / NFA, 2016
KINDEREN VAN MASKEPADE (short) / Marc Wagenaar / NFA 2017
WHERE THE BIRDS GO (short) / Arjen Schotel / VLA Films, 2018
IK,MOORDENAAR (short) / Kim Kokosky Deforchaux / Fresh for 88, 2019
MASKERADE (short) / Kevin Tromp / HKU, 2019

FIN (short) / Martijn de Vos / NFA, 2016
MENTIA (short) / Carolien van Maaswaal / NFA, 2017 - Selected for the National competition of the GO SHORT Festival Nijmegen
SPEKLAB (short) / Minou van den Berg / HKU, 2018
ZELF (short) / Carolien van Maaswaal / NFA, 2018
HET BEEST VAN HARKSTEDE ( Television Series ) / Marc de Leeuw / Vice Studios & Videoland, 2019

For Brands as Conimex, Ben, Knorr, Carpetright
Mona, Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest, Sourcy

4Q510 / Maarten Groen / DPPLR, 2018
NINAMOUNAH / Florian Joahn / Ninamounah, 2018

ALL MY CLOTHES / Rick van de Dood, 2016 – Selected for The One Minutes Series September 2017
VALERIUS / Dorian de Rijk / NFA, 2016 - Winner AHK GRADUATION JURY PRIZE 2016, the jury consisted of chairman Maarten Kloos (founder Arcam, member of the AHK Supervisory Board), Xandra Schutte (chief editor of De Groene Amsterdammer), Taco Dibbits (director Rijksmuseum) and Maarten van Boven (general and artistic director Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ).
4Q510 / Maarten Groen / DPPLR & NFA, 2018

BEAST IN THE JUNGLE / Clara van Gool / Keyfilm, 2017


Last year March, Baliprod had the pleasure to service one TVC and two documentaries for Dutch brand Conimex. The advertising agency, Alfred contacted us to service the spots in Indonesia, we shot the TVC in Bali and the documentaries in Bogor, Java and Kotabaru, South Kalimantan.

The spots were beautifully directed by Job van As and the DOP was the very talented and extremely funny Christiaan van Leeuwen. We asked Christiaan a few questions about his experience shooting in Indonesia.

So give us a short recap of your career up to now? Your background and path to Cinematography.

In 2018 I finished my Cinematography studies at the National Film School of the Netherlands.
It was my dream since I was kid to study there and become a cinematographer.
After Film School working started slowly with Conimex actually as my first big job.
Since then I worked on a few more films and hopefully many more in the future.

What is your fondest memory in the film industry up to date?

Almost every job I do I meet new inspiring people who share with me their vision of the world. Becoming friends with them and enrich myself with new knowledge.
I think without that aspect it's hard to put all your feelings into a project, which in my opinion is key to success.

So it was about a year ago since you shot the Conimex spots with Baliprod in Indonesia. What was your overall experience?

My overall experience was amazing! It was really nice to work with the people of Baliprod In the end I felt like having a new family in Indonesia.
Besides that everything was discussable.
There wasn’t a moment they sold me a no on forehand.
That’s for me a real important part of a good producer.

What is special about shooting in Indonesia?

Crazy talented, humble and eager crew. That vibe I sometimes miss here in Europe. And of course the locations are crazy nice.

What is your opinion about the local crew?

Like I said before

We shot the spots on Alexa Mini and Hawk C Anamorphics.

Why did you choose those lenses?

The Hawk C Anamorphs have these edgy, soft and unclean look we really wanted to have for the commercial. The commercial needed to feel raw and unpolished. I really think the lenses helped us with that.

We camped for one night in order to get the sunrise shot on the ocean, tell me something funny about that night. Well there was a lot of funny moments….

Haha, I think the whole situation was funny. We had those synthetic sleeping mattress which took ages to fill, but eventually almost nobody used because they where so crazy warm to lay on.
The majority of the people ended up sleeping on the ground. One of the few people who did like it was the Focus Puller. He liked it so much that he literally started to roll all over the place with his mattress hitting others with his arms and legs. Almost impossible to wake him up.
Couldn't stop laughing seeing that happing.

Anything else you would like to add about your experience in Indonesia?

That the whole trip was freaking amazing, haha!

Any advice for up and coming cinematographers?

Stop getting inspired by only the new stuff that comes out.
Try to study the history and different fields besides film to create your own vision.
With social media it’s really tempting to just check what’s on there or in the cinemas, with as a result that the majority which is made looks the same.

Thank you for your time and the great memories of a fantastic shoot.

I sincerely hope we can shoot with you again very soon.

Terima Kasih (Thank You)

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