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The passion that propels iClaudius was imbedded in him from a young age. His mother being an avid photographer and global trekker used to share her slides with him after dinner parties.

The power of what lay before his eyes struck numerous chords within him.
The images taken of enchanting lands throughout the world, told tales of a family's journey.

One thing missing from these images, was the unborn iClaudius.
From a young age, he realized that he would one day have to create his own journey's, capturing memories through films of his very own.
Hailing from the Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago and relocating to Vancouver Canada as a young boy, iClaudius quickly found his niche. With his high school being the first to offer a tv & film program in western Canada he found himself directing, lighting, editing, and even acting in various student projects.
As graduation neared the foundation to becoming a filmmaker was laid. In 1991 he began his film career as a production assistant on various television series and feature films being shot in Vancouver. He spent 3 years working on The X-Files both in the Production and Art Department before moving into television commercials.
During this time period iClaudius worked with some of the best production companies in the world, ranging from America, Europe, and Asia.
He gained a wealth of knowledge in various departments as an Assistant Director, Production Manager, and Art Dept. Assistant.

In 2002, iClaudius packed his bags and moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Having fallen in love with the region from two previous trips; and receiving an opportunity to work in the film industry there, he welcomed the new horizon. iC as he's liked to be called found himself working with Planet Films and mentored under Farouk al Joffery, one of the regions top film directors.
During this period he traveled extensively through Asia, the Middle Eastern, Europe, and Africa on various projects. While with Planet, iClaudius began his steps to becoming a fulltime director.
He directed five music videos for one of Malaysia's top R&B artists and slowly landed commercial projects through a host of regional advertising agencies.

Although his career was spent working his way up through various departments, iClaudius also worked on his own film projects. In 1997, his inaugural film; a music video for Canadian hip-hop artist Cipher, garnered a Best Music Video nomination at the Much Music Awards [Canada]. In 2003, he attained gold & silver awards at the Malaysian Video Awards [MVA's], and received nominations at the Music Industry Awards [AIM's] for the same two music video projects. 2005 was a surprise year as the Troika film, whom he collaborated on with creative partners Skin and brother A. Jerome Rodriguez, won Best TVC, Best Director, and Best Scriptwriting at the Malaysian Video Awards. He also landed two silvers and two bronzes for other commercial and music video projects at the same awards show. In 2007, iClaudius received a bronze at the Citra Pariwara Awards in Jakarta for Best Use Of Motion Graphics. 2008 landed him a silver; for Best Cinematography & bronze; for Best TVC at the Pinasthika Awards in Indonesia.

As each year passes iC's portfolio continues to strengthen and expand. His continuous travels and passion for capturing unique moments – similar to his mother's – strike chords within his audience. His desire to embark on feature film production is next on his list, and will be conquered will passionate desire. With his vast knowledge of film, global portfolio, and desire to tell great tales, iClaudius continues to awaken the eyes of those he passes.
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