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My name is Malin Fezehai, and I tell visual stories. I am an Eritrean/Swedish New York-based photographer and have worked in over 30 countries in the middle-east, Africa, Asia, and America.

My interest in photography began in my native country of Sweden, where I studied photography before moving to New York. For over a decade, I have covered stories of displacement and dislocation worldwide and have been awarded some of the highest accolades in photojournalism.

I have worked on a range of subjects such as surfing in Senegal, the slowly sinking islands of Kiribati, and Chinese Opera culture in Thailand. My images have appeared in National Geographic, New York Times, German Geo, and TIME. Whether I photograph celebrities or work in a refugee camp, I always approach people with sensitivity and respect.

As a visual reporter, I have worked at the New York Times, where I focused on innovative visual storytelling across desks and disciplines.


My documentary work has led me to work with brands and corporations like Nike, Apple, Hyundai, Converse, Facebook, Instagram, to name a few. I am passionate about creating images that make a lasting impression and, most of all, feel authentic.


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