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Cinematographer with over 15 years experience working across multiple genres.

Started working in feature films in the locations then camera dept on Vertical limits and The Lord of the Rings. Went on to be a cameraman covering extreme sports for RedBull and brands specialising in remote location capture. Honed my skills shooting actuality on reality TV (Survivor, Amazing race, Bear Grylls). Eventually this led me into documentaries which I still love to shoot today. I have covered shows worldwide with highlights in the Sahara desert, Antarctica, and sailing by stars only across the pacific on Polynesian waka.

I now shoot TV commercials focusing on lighting and visual story telling for brands. I have worked with companies like Bloomberg, RedBull, T Mobile, Royal beer, KFC, Hyundai, Renault and more.

I have also started operating cameras on episodic TV shows/feature films as B cam/2nd unit and I love the collaboration with other cinematographers. I have worked on shows such as Avatar (2&3), Adrift, Point Break 2 and Tender trap.

Recently moved to Indonesia for lifestyle (and Green School ๐Ÿ˜‰) continuing the passion and aligning with some TVC production companies here in Asia.

I own equipment such as Arri Alexa Mini, Leica lenses, MลVI Pro, and remote focus/and transmission equipment only investing in top quality tools. I am fully conversant in motion control operation, Steadicam and Trinity, and have years of experience in helicopters also working previously as a heliski guide.

I really enjoy the collaboration with artists and other creatives in the field, and am always humbled by what you can achieve when in the flow!
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