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Baliprod is a full Service Production Agency located in Bali, Indonesia. Baliprod is the leading Production Service Company for TVCs and Advertising Campaigns in both Motion and Stills in the Region, we also offer Services in Production Fixing, Photography, Videography, Location Scouting, Editing, Styling, Hair & Make-Up, Production Staffing, Casting and more.

Baliprod works with both local and International Brands and can organise any level of Commercial TVCs and Stills, Photo or Video Campaigns in Bali and numerous Countries throughout South East Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan and many more. Based in the trendy Pererenan, our Dynamic Team specialises in making our Clients' Dreams become Reality.

We can handle all legal logistics including work visas, film permits and location permits for your production.



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We swear, we didn't force them

It was our pleasure for L'Oréal to work with all team of Baliprod. What I really like about Baliprod is how you guys maintain the overall quality which includes quality of work/production and also quality of mood among the talents and other team. Filming sometime is a tiring process so keeping the good mood among us is very essential. Time schedule was perfect and how Omri managed the team and all problems during the days is also something which deserves an appreciation. Once again, thank you so much! Looking forward for another collaboration in the future.

Mohamad Fikri

Mohamad Fikri

L'Oréal ★★★★★

Had an amazing time working with Baliprod. The team we worked with were professional, fun and amazing at what they do. Would recommend to anyone.

Will Hasko

Will Hasko

American Express ★★★★★

I worked with Baliprod on a large commercial for Johnnie Walker with Stink Films in 2019. I hadn’t shot in Bali before so went in with an open but slightly sceptical mind - Baliprod rose to numerous challenges and changes; I felt as secure as I would in Cape Town, Bangkok or Kiev. I completely fell in love with the Bali film industry and mentality, everyone is hard working with smiles on their face, there is always a solution or way round anything. The amazing crews were hard working and on technical par with Europe and America, the locations were ridiculous and we shouldn’t be able to have jobs in such amazing dream scenarios! I'm team Baliprod through and through and happy to give you my email if you have questions about them!

Sophie Brooks

Sophie Brooks

Stink films ★★★★★

Baliprod took care of all our production needs when we needed to film a social upliftment campaign in Jakarta. Their service has been professional all the way and a great strong team too. They are budget conscious with today's markets too. Can't wait for the next one. Thank you for taking such good care of us while we were there.

Jordan Knight

Jordan Knight

Etihad ★★★★★

Thanks Baliprod for pulling off two DJI productions back to back.
So many incredible locations to film here in Bali!

Paul Moore

Paul Moore

DJI ★★★★★

Baliprod is a very professional and flexible production house. They work hard and are always in a great mood.
We shot a very complicated film for Allianz Travel for four days in 9 different locations with drones, underwater shots, animals, etc...
The production team is super reactive and the camera crew are professionals and very talented.

Dominique Faviez

Dominique Faviez

Favorite Production ★★★★★
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Whatever your vision is, we will bring it to life

Video and photo campaign are essential to promote your activity on social media and other marketing channels.
We produce films and photo shoots that are rich in content with style and passion.

Whether you need a corporate video, promotional video, training video, aerial video, viral video, video banner ad or any photo related artwork we can definitely help.


Check out our showreel!
You can also watch many more videos on our Youtube channel as well as some of our stock shots available for sale.


If you haven't already, check out our blog for some cool articles!
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What we did for Decathlon (incl. Behind The Scenes) ❤️

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Baliprod Stories is the documentary branch of Baliprod.
Because we love telling stories visually through inspirational videos.
Indonesia is filled with many different types of culture and endless choice of subjects, we love its people and the stories they have to say.


Baliprod photos and videos are always uploaded to our Instagram. Please check below our latest video and photo shoots.
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